• Cradles to Crayons

    Posted by Lora Rantz on 12/20/2017

    It's the season of giving and last night some Cole fifth grade students went to volunteer their time at Cradles to Crayons.  As we walked into the warehouse in Boston I was in awe of the size of the building and the amount of donations.  There were bins everywhere ready to sort and organize.  To begin we were greated by a Creadels to Crayon volunteer, gave us some background information on the organization and where the donations go.  We were divided into different groups.  The group I was in was working at was sorting toys into seperate bins.  I have to say the task seemed overwhelming until we got started.  We were told which bins to use and what toys goe in each.  Cradels to Crayons is specific in what they will take and pass on to the families needing their services.  If the toys donated didn't meet their criteria they were thrown away and stuffed animals are not passed on.

    If you are considering donating to this amazing organization as you clean out your closests before Christmas here are a few things to know.

    • No stuffed animals unless they are wrapped in the package the company sells them in.
    • Toys need to have all the parts needed to work.  For example a Hungry Hungry Hippo toy was donated with only a couple of marbles, it was tossed because it wasn't complete.  
    • Sort things into ziplock bags with the parts of the toy in it.  For example: toss a few gently used barbies in bags with a few outfits/ accessories.
    • Puzzels need all of the pieces!  
    • Clothes need to be clean and not ripped.  

    I highly recoomend spending a few hours there volunteering.  They are able to run because of volunteers. Here is the link to their website if you are interested in donating or volunteering.


    /Cradles to Crayons Quote



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  • Kindness Rocks

    Posted by Lora Rantz on 10/28/2017


    "Sometimes the world gives us a small sign of encouragement, right when we need it the most. That’s the idea behind The Kindness Rocks Project, a pay-it-forward service project created by life coach Megan Murphy in hopes of sparking joy in people’s everyday lives."

    The Kindness Rocks Project encourages people to create rocks with inspirational messages on them for people to find.  On Monday, October 23 our class began painting our own Kindness Rocks for a school based project in hopes of spreading kindness and positivity across the school.

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  • Back to School

    Posted by Lora Rantz on 9/15/2017

    Welcome Back!


    The adjustment back to school can be challenging.  Getting back into a routine, waking up early, going to bed early, organizing materials and all the other things that it takes to get back in the swing of September.  


    Now that we have been back and have finished our first full week of school I thought I would share what we have been up to in Room 17.  Together we are working on expected and unexpected fifth grade behaviors using Responsive Classroom.  Everything from how to organize classroom materials to how to walk in the hall, play a math game and put up our chair is reviewed, expectations are set.   


    We began using our book bins, we are starting to fill them with a variety of different reading choices.  I encourage magazines, short stories, poetry and any other area of interest to be placed in the bins.  Your support with this would be greatly appreciated.  A magazine subscription might be a great way to engage a reluctant reader.  I do have a post from last year book bins, if you would like to read it.


    We have also been talking a lot about C.A.R.E.S. in class.  We are focusing on all letters of the acronym, and read a story that was about respecting others and showing empathy.  We read Each Kindness, by Jacqueline Woodson.  It tells the story of a little girl who is new to school and how her classmates treat her.  It isn’t until it is too late that a little classmate wishes she could change her actions.  Room 17 found it quite moving and to be honest it tugs at my heartstrings.  It is a great book if you are every at the library and want to read it. To go with the book we completed an activity using toothpaste.  After squeezing all of it out of the tube, students are asked to put it back in.  It’s great to watch and makes the room smell minty fresh.  The class quickly learned that the toothpaste will never go back in, just like words and actions.  Once something is done and said it it out there forever.  Hopefully, a lesson many will remember throughout their lives.  

    Building Reading Stamina

    Reading 2  Reading

    Toothpaste Activity

    Activity  Toothpaste Activity

    Playing Math Games

     Math Games

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  • More STEM

    Posted by Lora Rantz on 4/24/2017 3:00:00 PM

    Room 17 continues to enjoy science and STEM challenges!  The last challenge required the students to work in small groups building towes out of index cards.  Groups were challenged to build with and without being able to talk. 


    Below are some pictues of our efforts!

     Students at table  Students at work  Students building  Students at work  Students around table at school  Students doing project


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  • MCAS

    Posted by Lora Rantz on 4/13/2017 3:15:00 PM



    MCAS is happening in the state of Massachuesett from the beginning of April through the end of May.  This year in fift grade the students have alredy taken three days of ELA, where they read passages and responded to both multiple choice and open response questions.  So far our class has take nthe assessment on both the iPads with keyboards and in the computer lab.  Everyone worked really hard and tried their best!  I was so impressed with the effort that Room 17 put in the tree days of testing.

    Next, the fifth grade will take math and then finis hup with science.  I'm not sure where the year went, and how we are already at April break.  I am lloking forward to the end of the year with the 2016-2017 Room 17 students!  

    Below is a poem borrowed from another teacher friend and edited to fit our class!  



    ‘Twas the night before MCAS
    I thought I had nothing to do.
    So I texted my friends,
    And they gave me a clue.

    The computer lab ready,
    To use to take the test.
    Study those 12 Steps.
    Definitely get some rest.

    Study 5 vocab and transitional words.
    They would be helpful to use.
    Remember the graphic organizer letters.
    With those, I can’t lose.

    When I “finish” the test
    I will proofread and edit
    5 times or more?
    Mrs. Rantz prepared us - I get it, I get it!

    I will pack up my backpack.
    Include something to read.
    Want to do this now,
    To remember everything I need.

    I will wake up on time,
    Eat a good breakfast, that’s key.
    Tomorrow I don’t want anything
    Distracting me.

    Okay, it is time to go right to my bed,
    Think MCAS thoughts as I lay down my head.
    Once again, it will be over in not too long,

    LAST DAY OF ELA, bring it on!

    Day one of ELA MCAS students arrived to a message on their desks.

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  • Rock Project Due May 5th

    Posted by Lora Rantz on 4/12/2017

    Here are the directions and criteria to the Room 17 rock project.  Instead of a test, students will show their undersanding of the three types of rocks by picking from the project choices below.  This will be a mostly at home project, but students will be given time to work on them during flex time, it is suggested that any materials needed for the project come in by April 26th, that way there will be plenty of time in school and at home to work on it.  If you areound over April break feel free to begin/get it done over the vacation!

    If you have any questions feel free to let me know!

    Below is an example of a game, the project criteria and the rubric!

     Rock Game


    Rock Project

    Due: _____



    • to understand rocks and their properties
    • to identify the three categories of rocks based on how they are formed
    • to explain the natural and physical processes that create these rocks



    Choose ONE of the project options below and demonstrate your understanding of the three different categories of rocks.  Use the rubric which outlines the criteria you are expected to complete for each project option as your guide.

    Project 1

    Create a board game demonstrating your knowledge of the three categories of rocks.  Include any necessary game pieces, quiz cards or other materials that players would need.  Be sure to clearly portray each area of the project criteria.

    Project 2

    Design a CD jacket that demonstrates your knowledge about the three different types of rocks.  Your CD jacket should have a song list and illustrations or pictures related to rocks.  Be sure to clearly portray each of the project criteria.

    Project 3

    Research the three categories of rocks and write a brief report explaining the three types of rocks and how they are formed.   You may present using a tri-fold poster, poster board, google presentation or any other creative way you choose.  Make sure to clearly portray each area of the project criteria.

    Project 4

    Write and present a “ROCK” song to the class.  In your song, you must clearly present the three categories of rocks.  Make sure to portray each area of the project criteria.

    You are expected to meet the criteria for each project option.  As with any important project, you should plan your time carefully and do your best work.


    Metamorphic Rock

    • show what it is nicknamed
    • show where it is formed
    • show what it is made from
    • show 2 examples

    25 points

    Igneous Rock

    • show what it is nicknamed
    • show where it is formed
    • show what it is made from
    • show 2 examples

    25 points

    Sedimentary Rock

    • show what it is nicknamed
    • show where it is formed
    • show what it is made from
    • show 2 examples

    25 points

    Neatness and Spelling

    • your title is clear and each rock category is labeled
    • your work should be edited and spell-checked
    • your work should be typed, if possible (if not, it should be in your best handwriting)
    • your work should be colorful and neat
    • where applicable, you  have all the materials together for your project

    25 points


    Scoring Guide

    Not meeting Expectations

    Approaching Expectations

    Meeting Expectations

    Exceeding Expectations

    Less than 70 points

    70-80 points

    80-95 points

    95-100 points

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  • Reading

    Posted by Lora Rantz on 3/27/2017 3:00:00 PM
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  • Read Across America

    Posted by Lora Rantz on 3/6/2017 11:00:00 AM

    Read Across America Door


    Room 17 had a great time during Read Across America, on March 2nd to celebrate Dr. Seuss.  As a class we decoarted out door hoping to win the school wide door decorating contest.  The day began with students reading quietly in the hall. Later in the morning we read Dr. Seuss books with kindergarten and helped decorate a balloon.   After lunch, we toured the school, going on book walks and looking at all of the other beautifully decorated doors.  

    We ended the day reading Mrs. Donahue's class, they are our second greade buddies.  While our door didn't place we had a great day getting excited about reading and books!  

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  • Holiday Cheer!

    Posted by Lora Rantz on 12/2/2016 2:00:00 PM

    Room 17 is feeling festive!  After a long few months at school we have earned our first big reward, cozy technology day.  In the afternoon students first met with buddies to create reindeer with their own feet and hands.  When we arrived back at class students have free time to play games like Heads Up, interact with each other and use their devices.  

    December promises to be a busy and exciting month for all of us.  Friday December 9th fifth grade is hosting community meeting and spreading holiday cheer.

    Buddies 1 Buddies 2 Buddies 3 Buddies 4 Festive 1 Festive 2 Festive 3

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  • Voting and the Election

    Posted by Lora Rantz on 11/16/2016 4:00:00 PM

    Voting and the Election


    Room 17 took part in the Cole School election prior to the National Election.  It was a great lesson to help students understand the process of electing officials, and the importance and power of the vote.  Mrs. Burnes met us outside the community room, which was set up like a polling place.  After students voted they received a sticer and we returned to class.  


    Election 2016 1 2016 Election 2 2016 Election 3


    While our school results didn’t reflect the outcome of the Cole School Election, it was a wonderful lesson in the democratic process.  

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