• Directions: Please do some research as to some famous people who have had to deal with mental illness at one point or throughout their career in the public eye.  Once you choose a specific person, please answer the following questions.  This assignment should be completed and shared or passed in to me by the end of the block.  
    1. Give a mini biography of the individual.  Who are they, when were they born , are they still alive, what is their celebrity (actor, politician, athlete, musician etc), what are they best known for? 
    2.  Explain in detail what type of mental illness or condition this person suffers from.  
    3.  Has this condition changed their career at all?  Meaning, have they stopped being in the public eye? How have they coped with the condition?  Have they taken their own life because of it?  If so, explain how.  
    4.  Have they become an advocate for the condition?  Have they used their celebrity power to spread awareness for the illness/condition?  
    5.  In your personal experience, what are your thoughts regarding mental illness?  Do you think it is something that needs a little more attention in our society?  Do you know of people who are outwardly ok about discussing their mental health?  Do you recognize your own mental health status?  Is is something that is important to your overall wellness?