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    Vinal PTO Committee Chairs 2019/20
    The Vinal School PTO Board thanks the Committee Chairs for coordinating programs that ultimately enhance our children's education. We also commend all of the volunteers working "behind the scenes", and are grateful for the help received from the Vinal community.  We couldn't do it without you. Volunteer descriptions (and a general idea of time commitment) can be found here. Please consider volunteering!
    Vinal Annual Appeal: Allison Hughan
    Box Tops for Education: Steph Charron
    Stop & Shop A+ Rewards: Allison Hughan
    Amazon Smile: Allison Hughan
    Norwell Gear: Jennifer Ruggeri
    Scholastic Book Fair: Allison Hughan
    Square 1 Art: Stephanie Boyden & Lucy Silva
    Grant Writing: Allison Hughan
    In School Enrichment: Lauren McNeil
    Staff Appreciation: Lauren McNeil
    Library Coordinator: Shana Hallman
    Celebration Books: Lauren McNeil
    5th Grade Send Off: Stephanie Boyden
    Field Day: Shana Hallman 
    Vinal Book Bee: Shana Hallman
    Beautification: Steph Charron
    Community Outreach: Alexis McLean
    Kindergarten Popsicle Social: ( T-Shirts )- Alexis Mclean / Jennifer Ruggeri 
    BooHoo Yahoo Breakfast: 
    Stay and Play: 
    PTO Mom Soccer Game: 
    Ice Cream Social: 
    Family Movie Night: 
    Family Bingo Night: Denise Miller
    Parent Social:  Virtual? Cara Rinaldi  
    Other Community Support Events (clothing or book drives, food pantry, etc.): 
    Virtual Pumpkin Drive- Alexis McLean 
    Recording Secretary: Lindsay Carveale
    School Directory: Lindsay Carveale 
    Newsletter: Lindsay Carveale 
    Website Coordinator: Lindsay Carveale
    Social Media: Lindsay Carveale 
    Bookkeeping: Katie Lombardi
    Mini Grants: Principal & Cara Rinaldi
    Pay Pal/Sign Up Genius: Cara Rinaldi/ Katie Lombardi 
    School Pictures: Jennifer Ruggeri
Last Modified on June 23, 2021