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Norwell Middle School

Achieving Excellence

NMS Book Challenge 2017

Read books and win prizes!

THE CHALLENGE: Read at least 6 books (4 from this list plus 2 free choices) and record them in the Book Tracker by May 31, 2017
PRIZES: All students who read and record at least 6 books will win a small prize. Students who read and record more than 6 books will be entered in a raffle for larger prizes -- the more books you read, the more raffle tickets you get! We will have a party at the end of the year to award prizes and discuss which books we liked.
  • You MAY count your AR reading toward the Book Challenge, BUT your ELA teacher determines which books count for AR, and some Book Challenge selections may not meet your teacher's criteria. If you're not sure, double check with your teacher. (Remember, a shorter book may be a good choice for an "extra" read.)
  • If you've already read one of the Book Challenge books, you MAY substitute another book in the series or another similar book by the same author. (Just use the "Other" option on the tracker the same way you would for a free choice book.)
  • These books were chosen to cover a wide range of reading levels, interests, and ages, and not every book is a good match for every person. We've done our best to choose books that have received good reviews or that came highly recommended by other readers, but you should read the descriptions carefully to choose a book that's a good match for you. If you're not sure whether you should read something now or wait a year or two, Common Sense Media often has useful information based on student and parent feedback as well as professional reviews.
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