• NMS Solar Panels

    Solar Panel Project

    Broadway Electrical was selected to design and install the solar panel system at Norwell Middle School. The size of the system is 53.76 kW, producing approximately 64,000 kWh/year. The project is expected to provide significant annual electricity cost savings to Norwell Middle School. Further, students will get hands-on learning, monitoring the output of the solar panels, and the community of Norwell will be significantly “greener”. (All information above provided by Broadway Electrical)
    This project has brought much more than energy efficiency and conservation to our school community - it has brought new knowledge and opportunities to our students.
    Throughout the day, a monitor outside the NMS community room displays a variety of information: It tells how a solar power system works and identifies the current position of the sun, moon and other objects in the sky - information that is needed to predict power output. It shows how much power is currently being generated by the system and what that power can do - run 350 laptops for a year, 25 microwaves for a day. It also gives the current weather forecast and the latest current events headlines from the solar energy industry. And everyday, our students walk by that monitor gaining tidbits of knowledge as they pass from class to class or head into lunch. Additionally, as a part of the program, Broadway Electric donated $5000 worth of environmental science curriculum materials that will be used in our science classrooms. Our science teachers have ordered books, kits and activities that will allow our students to explore concepts related to energy usage and efficiency more in depth.
    Our hope is that this project will inspire our students to study the field of environmental science and to make a positive contribution to our world.


    Monitor the daily, weekly and monthly output from the solar panels at NMS. Solar Panels

    On Wednesday, January 11th Norwell Middle School hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the completion of the NMS Solar PV Project. The unique partnership, a collaboration between Norwell Public Schools, Broadway Electrical Company, and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, is an outstanding example of a successful Massachusetts renewable energy project that will provide economic, environmental and educational benefits to the town and state.

    The entire school community gathered in the gym for the ceremony. Mark Sylvia, Commissioner of the MA Department of Energy, opened the ceremony with comments about the benefits of the project. He was followed by State Representative Rhonda Nyman, who praised Norwell for its commitment to energy efficiency. Pat O’Connor from Senator Hedlund’s office presented a citation recognizing the significance of the project. Representatives from Broadway and the Cadmus Group also spoke and answered students’ questions about the project. Overall, it was a great event! Thanks to all who attended.

    Commissioner Sylvia, Representative Nyman, Pat O'Connor from Senator Hedlund's   
    Commissioner Sylvia, Representative Nyman, Pat O'Connor from Senator Hedlund's office, and reps from Broadway and Cadmus join Principal Sulc and the NMS Green Team.