Nightly Checklist

    This document can be used to guide students through the process of completing nightly homework.  It also has a Student Effort Checklist at the bottom so students can be reminded of the 6 components of effective effort and assess their nightly effort.  The second page of this document has ideas/suggestions for what students can do when they don’t have any written homework, or if they have a directed study early in the morning.


    Weekly After School Schedule Template 

    We all have a schedule while we are at school; why not have one for after school.  By completing this schedule, students have a visual so they know which nights are busier, when they can spend time with friends/family, when they can relax and when they can do homework. 


    Monthly Calendar Template 

    This document helps students plan ahead for the month.  Print this calendar template and fill in the dates for the month.  Students can keep this in the front of a binder or in a plastic sleeve in their binder and pull it out whenever a teacher mentions an upcoming test, quiz or assignment and the due date.  Students should then get in the habit of checking this calendar each night when they complete their homework to determine if they should begin preparing for an assessment or if they should begin completing a project.  This is great for students who tend to procrastinate or for those students who struggle with planning ahead.  


    Homework Planner

    This document can be used nightly or on nights when you have a lot to do.  This helps students practice prioritizing and guesstimating how long assignments will take. 


    Breaking Down Larger Assignments 

    This document can be used to help students break down larger assignments into smaller parts with due dates the student assigns themselves.  This will help with time management and may be good for students who tend to procrastinate.   This document could also be used to plan out AR reading assignments.   


    Homework Chart 

    This document helps students organize their approach to nightly homework.  It has reminders to take short breaks between assignments and has a spot to record upcoming tests and longer term projects with due dates.  This is great for students who may forget to prepare early for upcoming tests and getting started early on long term assignments.   


    Different Ways of Learning 

    This document offers different strategies for taking in, understanding and remembering information learned at school.  This is a good resource when it comes time to study/prepare for assessments. 


    How to Study Guide

    This document walks students through preparing for a test or quiz.  Students can complete one guide for each upcoming assessment as they prepare/study. 


    Study Plan

    This document helps students break studying down into different study sessions.  It has a bank of studying ideas at the bottom the student can pull from and plug into the different days leading up to the assessment.  This is great for the student who doesn't know how to study or for the student who tends to procrastinate.  


    Study Tips 

    This document offers 6 strategies and suggestions for students to consider leading up to assessments.   


    Parent Resources for Supporting Students with Homework and Studying

    Eleven Ways Parents Can Help With Homework 
    Information on Executive Functioning