• Happy New Year Everyone!


    Here is our "Miracle"  Essay assignment... 
    Directions: Please reflect carefully on our viewing of "Miracle" from class.  The essay should be approached with a cohesive structure and flow of ideas. Use the following prompt as a guide to write your response.  You may hand write it neatly, or type it and email it to me.
    Prompt:  The movie "Miracle" provides the viewer with many positive life lessons.  For our purposes I would like you to focus on the aspects of leadership, training (physical exercise), and motivation. 
    • Throughout the film there are many scenes related to the US Men's Hockey Team preparing for the Olympic games.  Please describe and explain some of those scenes in relation to physically preparing ones body to compete at a high level.  How did they train?  What were specific examples of fitness drills that the team or individuals endured?   We will be ultimately relating these examples to our principles of training unit (Overload, Progression, Specificity, and FITT). 
    • Conclude with what you took from this film in regards to learning about leadership and motivation. It may be helpful to connect evidence from the film to your own personal experiences.