• Current Event #1 Instructions  
    •You are to obtain an article
             –From any credible daily newspaper
              –A major weekly/monthly magazine
              –A specific health website linked to a health organization etc
    *It must be a substantial report, not a brief *Must have been published within the past 12 months
    •You are to include
    –The name of the article
    –The source of the article
    –The author of the article
    –The date the article was published
    –A one paragraph summary of the article *at least 5 sentences*
    –A second paragraph that tells how the health information from this article relates to your age group and its potential usefulness
    –This should be typed on your iPad and submitted to me by email kristen.maniscalco@norwellschools.org                   
    *If you prefer to hand write it, please make it neat.*