Welcome to Grade 9 and the High School.  This will be a year of a great many changes.  You will be expected to do many more things  than you had to do in Grade 8. 

    Books:  If your teacher tells you to keep the book at home, than you should.  Many of you will be signing up for online books.  If you do, let me know so I can keep a copy of your password in Skills.  We will be able to access online sites in skills.  I will be adding links here to your textbooks for both your parents and yourself. 

    You may want to begin downloading novels you will be reading now and/or buying yourself a copy.  Go to Amazon www.amazon.com and you can purchase used books really cheaply.    The novels you will be reading are:  Lord of the Flies, Romeo and Juliet, and The Odyssey.  You can also help yourself understand characters and themes by using online sites like www.sparknotes.com or www.pinkmonkey.com.  Both of these sites are helpful, but you should never use them in your essays or even to answer homework questions.

    You should have a scientific calculator for all your Geometry work and depending on what your teacher tells you buying a Graphing T-84 when they come on sale is a good idea. If you can pick up a notebook of graphing paper at Target, the school does not provide this paper.