• My classroom is a welcoming place where students  and teachers respect everyone who enters my room.  People are treated with care and are spoken to kindly.  We laugh often, search for joy and try to become life long learners.  My classroom is called Skills, but really it is Mrs. Boyer's room.   My responsibility is to the students on my caseload and their IEP's.  I try to address individual IEP goals while also recognizing the needs of the students.  I will insist that if I have work/activities that they be completed first and then I will allow time for homework.  I am flexible enough to know that sometimes things come up and my work must wait so that the project due today can be completed.  I need parents and students to be flexible enough to understand that I too have work that needs to be done.
    I believe students must make mistakes in order to learn. 
    I believe that everyone is capable of learning.
    I believe that learning is really hard when you have a disability.
    I believe that students with a learning disability must understand how that makes them unique.
    I believe that if you persevere, you will in the end find success.
    I believe that high school does not determine the rest of your life.
    I believe that everyone can go to college, however everyone's path to college can be different.
    I love my job and I try to make that love shine through everyday.  I admit that some days I am more successful than others, but I come back the next day ready to try again.  As corny as this sounds it is true!