• Welcome Back Everyone,

    I am looking forward to a fabulous sophomore year.  Many of you have new teachers and are excited to get off to a good start.  Just a few things.

    1. SAT Eligibility:  Be sure to check with your parents regarding SAT eligibility and whether they have signed a parental signature page.  If there are any questions bring it to Open House.

    2. Calculators: You should purchase a T-84 Graphing Calculator.  You will need this for Algebra and Chemistry.  It will be nearly impossible to do the calculations without it.  If you can not purchase one please see Mrs. Tara Plassmann, the Math Coordinator at tara.plassmann@norwelllschools.org. 

    3. Books: Most of your textbooks will be on line and you should access this site on a regular basis.  The site will offer all the text, practice pages, quizzes and practice tests.  

    4. Binders, Notebooks etc: Please get the correct size binder requested by your teacher.  I have dividers in skills.  I also have a few used three ring binders.  Spiral notebooks are good to have around,but they do not work well in the three ring.  Get some filler paper at Target or WalMart.  Mrs. Boyer will not supply paper all year long!!

    5. Novels:  I highly recommend getting a copy of the novels you will read this year.  You can try Fred the Shed at the library (books are .25), or www.amazon.com.  In addition you can try No Fear Shakespeare as well.  There are lots of apps and online sites to help with most of the books you will read.

    Grade 10 novels/plays are:  Macbeth, A Tale of Two Cities, Beowulf, and some Canterbury Tales.  I highly recommend getting a copy of these texts for your own use.  We will go over many of the Active Reading strategies in skills.
    6. New this year, Sophomores will be included in the College Fair on September. 

    Please email me with any questions or concerns.