• Well it hardly seems possible that all of you are here in Grade 11.  This is a critical year, I am sure your parents have told you that more than once.  You will become very close to your guidance counselor and they will have a great deal to share with you.  First you should log on to Naviance and see if you remember your password.  You can Google the site, but I am sure it is www.naviance.org.

    Upcoming Events:

    1. College Fairs:  We will have one very large College Fair in September.  Seventy colleges will be here to share and answer questions.  Additionally, you will see colleges in the hallway outside the cafeteria throughout the entire school year.  
    2. PSAT and SAT:  We will be giving the PSAT in October. 
      SAT's will be in March, May, and June.  If you are considering a tutorial, this would be a good time to begin looking at who is out there.  Practice is available on the SAT website https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat . You may also find Kahn Academy site helpful for both SAT and ACT.
    3. If you or your parents have not completed an eligible for extended time you need to see me right away.  
    4. Textbooks: You should access your textbooks online.  Almost all the text is available online. 
      In addition, there are study guides, practice quizzes and tests and extra tips. 
    5. Each year teachers add new novels to the reading list.  Some of the common ones are Of Mice and Men, The Things They Carried, The Great Gatsby, Huck Finn. Check with your teacher and think about buying your own copy of the text.