• Discipline in the Responsive Classroom

    Discipline in the Responsive Classroom is both proactive and reactive.

    1) Proactively, we work with children to create, teach, and practice classroom rules.

    2) Reactively, we use logical consequences to help children regain control, make

    amends, and get back on track when they forget or choose not to take care of

    themselves or each other.


    The teacher:

    • Respects the child and the child’s goal of being a significant community member.

    • Shares power and control with students, building on their capabilities, teaching them necessary social skills, and giving them new responsibilities when they are ready to handle them.

    • Uses encouraging and empowering language to support children’s success.

    • Uses logical consequences to help children fix their mistakes and regain self-control.

    • Values mutual problem-solving as a tool to teach ethical thinking and respectful community membership.

    • Wants students to learn to think for themselves and act in caring and responsible ways.


    • Develop self-control and demonstrate ongoing responsible behaviors.

    • Develop positive relationships with their teachers and peers.

    • Internalize the skills of caring, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control (C.A.R.E.S.)

    • Trust their teachers and respect their teacher’s authority.

    • Understand and respect the rules.

    • Develop self-respect.