• Welcome to 6th Grade iPad/Library Class!

    This class is taught in two halves -- half on iPad/technology skills and half on library/research skills. Right now, students in Group 1 have Library Class with Mrs. Kinsman and students in Group 2 have iPad Class with Mrs. Carton; those groups will switch halfway through the quarter (just after progress reports).
    We try to be as consistent as possible when it comes to grading and class expectations, which are explained below. This is also where you can find any links and PDF copies of handouts that students may need for Library Class. (For iPad Class information, links, and handouts, check Google Classroom.)

    General Expectations

    You should bring the following to class each day:
    • your charged iPad 
    • a pen or pencil
    • a set of headphones (if possible)
    • a folder or binder section (Library only)
    While we may sometimes assign homework, we will not do so every class, and each assignment is designed to take no more than 15-20 minutes. If you find an assignment is taking you longer than 20 minutes, do as much as you can in that time and then stop. If possible, please e-mail us and let us know where you ran into trouble -- that way we can make sure to sort out the assignment during our next class.


    While your grade for this class will be listed as Pass/Fail on your report card for the quarter, we do post individual assignment grades in Aspen/X2, which automatically calculates what your percentage/letter grade would be. This is to help us -- and you -- keep track of your work so far. One third of your final grade will be based on your iPad assignments and one third will be based on your Library assignments regardless of how many assignments each class is broken into. The final third of your grade will be based on effort/behavior in class.
    Each assignment will receive one of three grades:
    • Meets Expectations means that you successfully completed the task or demonstrated the skill we wanted you to practice. We'll list this as an M on a written assignment/in an e-mail or as one point in Aspen/X2.
    • Not Yet means that you started the task or attempted to demonstrate the skill we wanted you to practice, but you didn't get a chance to finish or it still needs some work. That's okay! You'll get an NY on a written assignment/in an e-mail and half a point in Aspen/X2, but you can also revise/repeat the assignment as many times as needed to meet expectations, at which point we'll change your grade to give you full credit.
    • Missing means that we never received the assignment, whether it's because you were absent or because you forgot to turn it in. This will be listed as a 0 in Aspen/X2, but don't panic, especially if you miss a couple of classes in a row! Just come check in with us (or send us an e-mail if you're really worried) and we'll help you get caught up so we can update your grades.
    If there's no grade listed for an assignment, it probably means we haven't graded it yet. It's also possible that it's an assignment for the other half of the class and that you'll get to it later in the quarter.