• PreSchool LOTTERY

    Any Norwell preschooler who will be 3 or 4 before September 1 of the following school year is eligible for the Norwell Public Schools PreSchool Lottery.

    Four boys and four girls for each preschool class are chosen from the lottery list in January. In the case of twins, the odds of both twins being chosen for a given class depend upon the size of the lottery pool. These preschool students must be potty trained. Regular attendance and full classroom participation is required.  Non-resident Norwell Public School teachers and town employees are eligible to enter the lottery.

    If a three-year-old is accepted as a preschool student and their parents choose to continue him/her in the 4-year-old program, the child is automatically in the program the following year. Individual exceptions to this rule occur only with approval by the Director of Student Services, and only if/when enrollment warrants it.