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    The purpose of the Norwell Public Schools Integrated Preschool program is to provide a structured learning environment for children with disabilities whose needs cannot be met in a typical preschool setting. The program is integrated and consists of children eligible for special education and other typically-developing peers. Children with disabilities needs are provided additional support as directed by their Individual Education Programs. These services are not only provided by the preschool staff but also the speech/language therapist, occupational therapist and physical therapist in an integrated service learning approach. The therapists work within the Preschool classrooms and specialized locations throughout the buildings.

    All students in the program work toward the same overall goals (self-help, language, fine and gross motor, listening and social skills) as defined by the Common Core and the Preschool Learning Experience Guidelines. What differs between the children with disabilities needs and the other children is the level at which the outcomes are achieved and the amount of emphasis put upon each goal. The Preschool Program follows a developmentally appropriate curriculum that incorporates a hands-on, language-based philosophy.

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