Procedure for Gathering School Information for Private School Applications

    Private School Application Process 

    Norwell Middle School counselors and staff are happy and willing to assist families who wish to submit applications to private school.  In order to best assist families and manage the great volume of information that must be shared as part of this process, Norwell Middle School has instituted a standardized process for requesting school records and recommendations.  We encourage families to communicate their intention to complete private school applications as early as possible.  We look forward to working with families through this process.

    The process is as follows:

    1. Families should notify NMS counselors of intent to submit private school applications in writing as soon as possible.
    2. Families should complete and submit the signed Records Release Form to your school counselor at least three school weeks prior to the first deadline*.

    Sifflard: students with last names A-K

    Sailer: students with last names L-Z

    Click HERE for access to the release.

    1. Families should contact teachers directly to complete forms/recommendations at least three school weeks prior to the first deadline.
    2. Students should complete and submit the Private School Student Questionnaire to their school counselor at least three school weeks prior to the first deadline.            

    Click HERE for access to the questionnaire.

    * Most private school applications are completed electronically.  However, if a school requires a paper application please submit the signed application form and a business-sized envelope with two stamps.  Please note: large manilla envelopes require an additional stamp.