Procedure for Gathering School Information for Private School Applications


    We recognize that there will be students who apply to private school each year. In an effort to facilitate that process, we would like to share the following information:


    All students who plan on applying to private school for next year should do the following:


    • Bring all forms from the school(s) to which you are applying to your Guidance Counselor. Please be sure that you have reviewed all forms and filled in as much information as you can and have signed where necessary (a signature is required for school personnel to release information about a student). Please be sure to notify the Guidance Counselor if the application is online.

    • Parents need to sign a release to communicate form prior to school staff completing any forms or applications.  Click HERE for the release to communicate.
    • Bring an appropriate number and sized envelopes, that are addressed and stamped for each school that you are applying (please ask the Guidance Counselor if you have questions about the number of envelopes, size of the envelopes, or number of stamps)

    • Students should make an appointment with their Guidance Counselor. During this meeting your Guidance Counselor will facilitate the application process with you.


    In an effort to be sure that we meet appropriate deadlines, please be sure that your materials are brought to the Guidance Counselor a minimum of three weeks prior to the application deadline. In addition, we ask that you notify your Guidance Counselor of your final decision to remain in Norwell Public Schools or to attend a private school. We appreciate your cooperation with our process and please let us know if you have any questions regarding this information. Thank you.



    To print this procedures as a pdf, click HERE.