• eBooks & eAudiobooks via Sora by OverDrive

    Sora app
    • Student username is your student email:  firstname.lastname@students.norwellschools.org.  
    • Student password is:  lunch code
    • Staff - please see Mrs. Pratt to set up your username and password

    How to Borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks on Sora by OverDrive using multiple libraries

    Norwell High School Library subscribes to Sora by OverDrive, a digital lending platform, which provides you access to thousands of free eBooks and eAudiobooks.  If you don't already have the Sora app downloaded to your iPad or phone, follow the steps below to download the app, add borrowing libraries, and download digital files to the app.  Happy Reading and Listening!

    1)  Download the Sora by OverDrive app to your iPad and/or phone.  

    2)  Open the app and begin adding borrowing libraries.  

    1. First, select Find My School: Norwell Town Schools - students, your login is your student email and lunch code; staff, please contact Mrs. Pratt if you'd like to create an account.
    2. Once you are logged in, add additional borrowing libraries.  Click on the 3 lines in the upper right screen and select + Add Library.
    3. Using Find your library, add Norwell Public Library/OCLN (your login is your NPL library card # and PIN), and,
    4. Boston Public Library - you must also apply for a BPL ecard.  Any MA resident over the age of 13 may apply.  You will set your 4-digit PIN when you apply; they will email you your ecard number.

    3)  Search for titles within any of your borrowing libraries (remember, your login and password will be different for each library).

    4)  Borrow and Download: once you borrow an available eBook or eAudiobook, download the files to the app. Next, go to your Bookshelf, you will find the book or audio there to open and begin.  Note:  if you have Sora by OverDrive on multiple devices, be sure to download the files on the device you wish to use for reading or listening. Titles will be loaned to you for two weeks after which they will automatically return.  Remember to bookmark your progress in case you need to borrow the item again.

    Please contact me if you have any questions:  jennifer.pratt@norwellschools.org.


    To Request titles!  Click on View More; Additional Titles to Recommend.  You can select a popular title or search for one.  Please request titles you would like to see in the Norwell Town Schools Digital Library.