• John O'Briant
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    The Norwell High School Music Department is one part academic department and one part performing arts company. First and absolutely foremost, we serve an important educational role, helping students develop the skills and sensibilities that help them become successful and well-rounded students and members of the community. The skills learned in music classes and ensembles help our students to develop creativity, sensitivity and responsibility. The study of music also helps our students to become more successful in their other subject areas and is very beneficial when students apply to colleges and universities.

    We also serve a functional role to the school and community, as our students perform at public ceremonies, sporting events and in many of the gathering places in Norwell and the greater Boston area. We help fulfill music's role as an indispensable part of our cultural life, one that helps people celebrate, mourn, mark holidays, rally crowds, dance in joy and heal pain.

    Our music program is also in many ways an extended family. Since our efforts are so largely collaborative, we learn to trust and rely on each other so that one person's strengths can help another person overcome a weakness. Older students shepherd in younger students and pass down traditions. Younger students fearlessly blaze new trails and grow into young adulthood. Parents and guardians tirelessly offer support, encouragement, advocacy and all of the things they do (big and little!) to help their children as they venture out into the larger world. Our family wouldn't function without any of these parts, and we're thankful for every one of them.

    Mr. John O'Briant and Mrs. Amy Cortright

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