• Families,

    Use these prompts as a guide for your discussions with your child about their day in first grade.  Specific questions can help children frame their thinking and remember details from the day.


    Daily Routine

    Suggested Questions to Prompt Discussion

    Morning Meeting

    • What was the morning greeting?  

    • What letter/sound are you working on?

    • What red words did you arm tap?
    • How many days have you been in school?  


    • Did you practice EEKK?  What is EEKK?

    • Who helped Ms. Coggeshall model the new lesson?

    • Which Daily 5 activity did you do?  Did you work alone, with a partner, a small group or on your own.

    • Did you work with Ms. Coggeshall at the “Reading Table?”

    • Did Ms. Coggeshall listen to you read?  Did you work on making words with letters?

    • What books did you read?  Did you read the pictures?  Did you read the words?  Was the book good?  Have you read any books that we should get at the library and read at home?

    • What did you write about today?  Did you make an illustration to go along with your writing?  Did you use your “Writing Journal”?

    • Did you like one of the games?  What was it and should we get it to play at home?

    • Which type of writing are you on in Writer’s Workshop?  What are you working on as you revise your writing?

    Recess & Lunch

    • Who did you play with at recess?

    • Did you ask anyone to join in with what you were doing?

    • Did you ask anyone if you could play with them?

    • Is there someone you would like to play with?  We can mention it to Ms. Coggeshall and she can help you make a “recess plan” tomorrow to help you get ideas for what you can do outside.

    • Who did you sit with at lunch?  

    • What did you like the best in your lunch?  Is there a different kind of drink or food you want me to pack you?

    • Did any of your friends have food you like?  What was it?

    • Do any of your friends eat at the peanut table that you would like to sit with?  

    Read Aloud

    • What is the title of the chapter book Ms. Coggeshall is reading?

    • What is it about?

    • Who are the characters in the story?

    • Where does the story take place?  How do you know where it takes place...what clues from the story make you think that?

    • What chapter are you on?

    • Where is the place in the book where you can find out each chapter’s name and what page it starts on?

    • What has happened in the story so far?

    • Do you have a prediction for what might happen next?  What do you think?

    • Is the book Ms. Coggeshall is reading part of a series?  Are there more books that have the same character?  We should get some and read them together.  


    • What math skill(s) are you working on?

    • What Math Guideline did you use today?
    • Did you use any math tools?

    • Who did you work with?

    • Were you adding or subtracting?

    • What is an “addend”

    • What number & symbol words do you know (digit, plus, minus, equals…)

    • What is a “math equation”?  Tell me one.

    • What is a “doubles fact?”  

    • The number 24 is how many groups of ten and how many left over? (2 groups of 10, with 4 left over)

    • What is one strategy/way to add two different digits, like 7+3? (keep the biggest number in your head and add on)

    • When you are subtracting, which number do you always have to start with?  (the largest number   10 - 4 = 6….  4 - 10 (does not work)

    • What number is between 17 and 19?

    • Skip count by 5s, 10’s

    • I’ll tell you a number and you count on from there…..

    • Give them math facts and they tell you the answer


    • What topic are you learning about?

    • Did you learn any new vocabulary?

    • What do you already know about _______?  Do you have any questions you want to still learn?

    • What can we do to learn more about this topic?

    • Tell me what a life cycle is?

    • What kinds of things are you curious about?

    Sharing (show & tell)

    • Who shared today?

    • What did they share?

    • Did you ask a question or make a comment?

    • Did anyone forget to bring their share?


    • Which special did you have today?

    • What did you do in ___________ ?

    • What skill or lesson were you working on?

    • What did you specifically like about that special?

    • Monday - Art - Mrs. Holmes 

    • Tuesday - Library - Ms. Howard
    • Wednesday - Physical Education - Mr. Leonard

    • Thursday - Music - Ms. Medairos

    End of the day

    • Was today a good day?

    • What is one thing you really liked about today?

    • What is one thing you can work on tomorrow?

    • Do you have a plan for what you want to work on first?

    • Are you proud of the effort you used to do your best?

    • Were you independent today?  How?

    • Did anything today make you curious and you have more questions about it?

    • Did you learn something new about a classmate?  Would you like to get to know them more and plan a fun activity with them?