The Adventure                                                   Mural
                                                   Hello Cole School Community! You may have noticed the mural in our Cole school hallway near the lobby. I was so honored when the PTO asked me to create an image that would enhance the look of the school. I knew that this would be a fun but challenging project. With the help of the Cole school students we were able to come up with a theme that would show a part of what each grade level was learning. Towards the end of last years school year the students brainstormed ideas for the mural during their art period.
                                                    The Mural begins with four friends, a mouse, a ladybug, a worm, and a snail heading out on an unnamed book of knowledge. Their journey takes them through a story of fun and learning as they visit each grade level. It reminds us all that learning is an adventure.   Please enjoy some pictures of the process.
     aLight House                   Mural
      Frog                 Dinosaur
    Space                           Mouse