• Supply List 
    Welcome to my website!  I hope you had a wonderful summer.  Below is what you will need to bring to school in September.  Happy school shopping!  Supply List: Supplies to bring the first day of school.  It is important that all students have the same supplies for organizational purposes, NO SUBSTITUTIONS!  
    *Post card/ index card/picture telling me one thing about your summer: you may mail it if you like!
    Lora Rantz
    * Cloth pencil case that zips!
    * Earbuds/headphones: in a ziplock bag with names written on them  
    * 8-pack package of sharpies standard size multi-color for projects
    * Mr. Sketch Markers
    * Metallic Sharpies!  Variety pack 
    * Ultra-thin sharpies black at least 2 no more than 4
    * Expo Markers: Black or Blue ONLY! 1 pack of at least 4: We will use these every day and they go fast!   
    *(You just need 1)- pocket expanding/accordion file folder system. Please make sure it is made of plastic.  (You may need more than one over the course of the year.  If your original one breaks than you may have to go out and buy another.)  These folders look somewhat like an accordion, but have a flap that goes over the top of the binder and buttons or ties shut(please do not get the 13 pocket ones as they interfere with organization and will not fit in the desk)  At OfficeMax it is called an expanding file with 7 pockets and 1" document case. Please do NOT substitute!  Thank you.
    *A book to read during silent reading time: this must come to school on the first day
    *index cards (for vocabulary words: lines or no lines)
    *post-it notes- we use these every day while reading at school and at home (3 by 3)
    *Hand soap 
    Hand soap or Hand sanitizer
    Tissues, chlorox wipes, and paper towels:  I will email when these items when they are needed!  If you ever just want to send them in, they are happily accepted!  
    General Classroom Donations that are always happily accpeted!
    Metallic Sharpies: Very popular when working on projects!
    Board Games
    Spoons and forks for snacks 
    Mr. Sketch Markers
    Flair Pens
    Post its!
    Hand Soap
    Paper Towels
    Chlorox wipes 
    VERY IMPORTANT!  Please do not label items/ write your name on them: we will label everything together! Please let me know if you have any difficulty finding any items. Coloring tools and rulers will be provided by Norwell Public Schools.
Last Modified on September 10, 2019