• Farms to Norwell Schools
    Norwell Food Services supports and uses local produce whenever possible. We are happy to let you know that local produce is considered and bought whenever feasible to use for your child’s school lunches. Items such as farm fresh apples, pears, corn on the cob, butternut squash, eggplant, green peppers and zucchini are just some of the fresh produce purchased by us using local farmers. By using the produce from the farmers around us we are not only supporting our community economically but also improving our school lunches with the fresh ingredients incorporated in meals.

    Some of the local farms we have used in the area include: Lapinski’s in Hanson, Billingsgate Farms, and Plato’s in Middleboro. We have also worked closely with Norwell resident Vin Bucca who runs Appleton Farm in Scituate as seen pictured below when we went to visit his farm.

    Last year we thought that it would be a fun idea for the main staff of Norwell Food Services to take a field trip to the farm to get a closer look at the farms that we buy from. Below are pictures from our visit to the Appleton Farm. We encourage you to look at them and are excited to continue buying more products from our local farmers.   

    Introducing: The Harvest of the Month
       As a part of Mass. Farm to School Project's Norwell would also like to introduce the Massachusetts Harvest of the Month in it's efforts to use and incorporate more locally grown foods into the school lunches creating healthier choices for the students. Our school system would like to participate this state wide campaign as a way to help the surrounding communities and improve lunch.
       In this program, a new Massachusetts-grown crop is selected each month and incorporated into the daily menus. The goal of this campaign is to show students the healthier choices that can be made and expose them to seasonal fruits and vegetables, which supports local farmers while building excitement about the new lunches.
       To name a few of the featured crops that have used include: apples, tomatoes, and pears. This month we are excited to introduce kale as our new harvest crop item. Kale plays a vital role in the body's anti-inflamitory system and detoxification as well as with antioxidants and lowering cholesterol.