• NPS Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan


    Norwell Public Schools developed this Bullying Intervention and Prevention Plan using a volunteer team of forty (40) administrators, professional staff, support staff, students, parents and community members.The team met both as a large group, as well as in smaller working groups, to reinforce our already strong, comprehensive and supportive approach to dealing with bullying in our schools.If not for the work of these individuals, the plan would not be possible.

    Click HERE to view the Norwell Public Schools Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan.

    Members of the Norwell Public Schools Bullying Prevention and Intervention Task Force:

    Ms. Cheryl Almeida, Vinal School

    Ms. Joan Auciello, Vinal School

    Ms. Christina Austin, Cole School

    Ms. Brenda Barrientos, NHS

    Dr. Donald J. Beaudette, Superintendent

    Ms. Susan Boyer, NHS

    Ms. Jennifer Burke, Vinal PTO President

    Ms. Lauren Burke, NHS Student

    Ms. Laura Campbell, Vinal School Parent

    Mr. Tom Conaty, NMS

    Ms. Dale Connor, Norwell Recreation

    Ms. Jennifer Demeo, Behavior Specialist

    Mr. Liam Dennigan, NHS Student

    Ms. Christine Elio, Parent (NMS, Vinal)

    Ms. Maureen Ellis, Cole School

    Ms. Debra Jackson, Cole School

    Ms. Andrea Keating, NHS

    Ms. Angela Kotlinski, NMS Parent

    Ms. Janice Mazzola, NMS

    Ms. Erin McCarthy, NMS

    Officer Jay McDevitt, Norwell Police

    Ms. Allison McGlinchey, Parent

    Ms. Sally McGowen, Parent

    Ms. Julie McNeill, NMS

    Ms. Trisha Nugent, Vinal School

    Mr. Scott Paine, NHS

    Ms. Laurie Peckham, Vinal School

    Mr. Garry Pelletier, Cole School

    Ms. Leah Ridpath, NMS Parent

    Ms. Denise Ryan Mudge, NMS

    Ms. Lorraine Smith, NMS

    Mr. Bobby Stravinsky, NHS Student

    Mr. Derek Sulc, NMS

    Ms. Sarah Summer, Cole Parent

    Mr. Mike Tinker, Vinal School

    Ms. Carol Talanian, NHS Parent

    Ms. Suzan Theodorou, Cole/Vinal

    Ms. Patricia Wright, Cole School

    Ms. Lois Wheelock, Vinal School

    Ms. Holly St. Peter, NMS/NHS

    Mr. James Thornton, Cole School

    Ms. Nancy Sifflard, NMS

    Click HERE for the  Bullying/Cyberbullying Complaint Form.

    Question or concerns regarding the Norwell Public Schools Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan should be addressed to Suzan Theodorou,  Director of Student Services at 781-659-8800 or via e-mail at suzan.theodorou@norwellschools.org.