Bus 9**

    Start @ NMS 2:45 – Left out of school; Main St to Washington St; D/O @ Jacob’s Trail; D/O @ St. Helen’s Church; D/O @ Norwell Knoll; Left on Hall Dr; D/O middle of Hall Dr; Right on High St; D/O Oak St; Straight onto Grove St; D/O Norwell Homes Area; Grove St to Trout Brook Reverse back up Norwell Ave to Right on Lincoln to Mt. Blue

    Bus 11**

    Start @ NMS 2:45 – Right out of school; Main St; D/O @ Upper Ferry; D/O Bridge St; D/O Roubound; D/O Harbor Ln; D/O Kings Landing; D/O Old Meeting House Ln; D/O Milton Ln; Left on Cross St; D/O Fords Crossing; D/O Winter St onto Cross St to Old Oaken Bucket; Right on Old Oaken Bucket; Right on Winter St; D/O Satuit Meadows; Right on Cross St; Left on Old Oaken Bucket, Summer St down and back; Go to Laurelwood as needed

    Bus 14**

    Start @ NMS 2:45 – Left out of school; Main St to South St; D/O @ Cushing Hill/Simon Hill; Left on Pleasant; D/O @ Silver Brook @ corner of Pleasant St; D/O @ Autumn Ln; D/O @ lower end of Wildcat/Reserve; Right on Circuit St; Right on Pine St; Right on River Meadow Brook Rd Reverse in Hanover; Right on Stetson Rd; D/O Barque Hill; D/O Till Rock; D/O Masthead; Right on River St; D/O to Main St; D/O Riverside; D/O Chittenden; D/O Central

    **Late bus route stops will vary depending on numbers of students on the bus. In some cases stops may be combined, when applicable, in order to get to the Elementary schools for dismissal.