These Groups run all year.  Students are welcome to drop in as they can or attend on a regular weekly basis.  Please listen to the morning announcements about when these groups are meeting, as they do not necessarily meet every week.  Please contact the advisors for more information.  Registration is not necessary for these groups.

    Community Service Club
    Want to make new friends and work cooperatively to make our school and town community a better place? Come join our community service group. We love new ideas about how to make our community a happy place. Stop in and participate when you have a free Wednesday or become an active member. We look forward to your involvement.
    Advisors: Mrs. Borchert & Mrs. Whitt
    When & Where: Every other Wednesday from 2-2:45 pm in Room #153

    Best Buddies
    Best Buddies Middle Schools fosters one-to-one friendships between students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Students with IDD are often isolated and left out of social activities. Best Buddies Middle Schools helps to create an inclusive school climate for students early on in their educational development.” (www.bestbuddies.org) During our meetings, students will have the opportunity to interact and socialize while participating in a variety of activities including arts & crafts, Zumba®, yoga, watching movies, bowling and more. Even more important, of course, is what our students will be able to learn from one another during our Best Buddies meetings: social skills, patience, tolerance, perseverance, acceptance, empathy, and so much more.
    Advisors: Mr. Doran, Ms. Schad & Mrs. Tobin
    When & Where: Every other Wednesday from 2-2:45. in Room #243
    NMS Student Government
    Students are elected by their peers to represent them in the NMS Student Government.  Once elected, the group determines the course of action they will take for the upcoming school year.  They will help with organizing school events  as well as recommending changes to the school community.
    Advisors: Mrs. Sifflard & Mrs. Zych
    When & Where: Every other Thursdays from 2-2:45 pm Location TBD
    LEAD Club
    LEAD is an organization that fosters leadership, confidence, and empowerment in middle and high school students and stands for Leadership, Empowerment, Advocacy, Determination.  LEAD provides an opportunity for our middle school students to meet with high school teens to develop communication skills, stress management techniques as well as to develop a supportive network. Students will ride the bus from NMS to NHS and can arrange for a ride home or take the late bus home from NHS.  If you are interested in joining LEAD, please email Mrs. Dsida at terri.dsida@norwellschools.org
    Advisor: Mrs. Dsida
    When & Where: Thursdays (every other week) NHS 2:45-3:45 
    Organizational Support
    Organization takes work!  Some students need help figuring out how to organize, while others have an established system but need the structure of a time and place to organize their things independently.  This club will help students organize their papers into folders and/or binders and organize digital files on their ipads.  Students will also work on creating individualized homework or study checklists. Mrs. Johnston is also flexible to meet students in flex times or other times by appointment.
    Advisor: Mrs. Johnston
    When & Where: Wednesdays from 2-2:45 pm in Room 202

    Homework Help
    Join Mrs. Franzosa after school for homework help. This is a great opportunity to spend some quiet time completing your homework and receiving some guidance and support as needed. This is a drop in club, available for all grades.
    Advisor: Mrs. Franzosa
    When & Where: Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays from 2-2:45 pm in the Community Room