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    Welcome to the Blue Team
    This site is designed to be a quick reference for parents and family members when searching for teacher contact information, late night schedules and teacher websites.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or phone (information listed below).
     Blue Team Staff
    Mrs. Christina Bailey
    Late night: Wednesday
    phone (781)659-8814 ext. 4239
    Website: click here
    Mrs. Gwenn Higgins
    Late night: Thursday
    Contact information: gwenn.higgins@norwellschools.org 
    phone (781)659-8814 ext. 4242
    Website:  click here
    Mr. Andrew Gilmore
    Late night: Wednesday
    Contact information: andrew.gilmore@norwellschools.org 
    phone (781)659-8814 ext. 4241
    Website: click here
    Mr. Richard Wolbach
    Late night: Tuesday
    Contact information: richard.wolbach@norwellschools.org 
    phone (781)659-8814 ext. 4240
    Website: click here
    Mrs. Cheryl Tobin
    Special Education
    Late night: Arranged individually with students
    Contact information: cheryl.tobin@norwellschools.org 
    phone (781)659-8814 ext. 4235
    Website: click here