Norwell Public Schools Student Google Accounts

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    Norwell Public Schools creates Google accounts for all K-12 students to allow for collaborative sharing using Google Apps for Education.  These accounts will be used for school-related communication and projects only.   Accounts for K-5 students will have access to Google applications only and will not have access to email.  Accounts for students in grades 6-12 will have access to Google applications, including email.  This account will be considered the student’s official Norwell Public Schools email address until such time as the student is no longer enrolled in the Norwell Public Schools district.

    No student will be assigned an account without parental or guardian approval. 

    Students must follow the Norwell Public Schools Internet, Digital Information and Communications Technologies Acceptable Use Policy (Norwell School Committee Policy EGAEC).  Access to and use of student accounts is a privilege and Norwell Public Schools maintains the right to withdraw access and use of an account when there is reason to believe that violations of the law or district policies have occurred.  In such cases, the alleged violation will be thoroughly investigated.

    Norwell Public Schools does not guarantee the security of electronic files located on the Google system.  Privacy will be maintained to the extent possible. However, system administrators may have to examine activities, files, and electronic mail to gather sufficient information to diagnose and correct problems with system software or hardware, as well as investigate any alleged violations as stated above.

    Student Google Account Acceptable Use Guidelines