• AP European Summer Reading Assignment

    Europe’s Last Summer Questions

    Europe’s Last Summer: Who Started The Great War in 1914?, by David Fromkin

    1. In detail identify and explain the three important claims made by Fromkin
    2. Identify and explain the issues that worried and concerned Germany prior to 1914
    3. To what extent was Europe a “powder keg” by 1914?
    4. How does Fromkin’s work support the thesis established by Fritz Fisher in the 1960’s
    5. Identify 10  key players from the July Crisis of 1914
    6. To what extent did diplomacy or lack thereof contribute to the outbreak of hostilities?
    7. Who does Fromkin believe is responsible for starting the Great War? What evidence does he use to support his theory?
    1. How does Fromkin’s analysis differ from Barbara Tuchman’s?
    2. Why did Princip do it?How did it happen ? What was the initial impact?
    3. Why did Vienna believe Princip had committed the perfect crime?
    4. How did Europe react to the news of the assassination?
    5. What were Austria-Hungary’s motives for war in 1914? 

    13.What were Germany’s motives for war in 1914 ?

    1. How does the book portray the Kaiser during the crisis of 1914?
    2. Identify the person or persons that you feel is most responsible for causing the war. 

          Provide evidence to support your conclusion