•  AP English Language and Composition
    Summer Work for 2021
    Teacher: Mr. Craig Belmore

    AP Language and Composition Summer Reading and Writing Assignment

    1. Click on the link above for more specific instructions, but basically:

      1. Be sure you set up your College Board account (see link above).

      2. Read 2 books (see link above).

      3. Expect a test for ONE book on the first week we return.

      4. Write 2 essays (see link above).

        1. Expect to research one of those essays using the NHS Library database (other sources NOT allowed!). 

        2. The database may be down for maintenance during a week in August. Research early!

        3. The NHS database may not allow access to a computer outside of Norwell. Do your research from home, NHS, or the Norwell town library.