• Effective September, 2012 Norwell Public Schools will be using overlapping overlapping Lexile bands (or Lexile ranges, as defined by Common Core) to place texts in the following text complexity grade bands.  Norwell Public Schools is using these qualitative scales of text complexity to anchor core works in each grade level.  The progressive nature of the bands ensure that all students, when leaving Norwell Public Schools, are ready to read texts found in typical first-year credit-bearing college courses and in workforce training programs.

    We have realigned our Lexile ranges to match the Common Core Standards' text complexity grade bands and adjusted upward its trajectory of reading comprehension development through the grades to indicate that all students should be reading at the college and career readiness level by no later than the end of high school.


    Lexile Band

    Lexile Band

    Our revised curriculum frameworks advocate a "staircase" of increasing text complexity, beginning in grade 2, so that students can develop their reading skills and apply them to more difficult texts. At the lowest grade in each band, students focus on reading texts within that text complexity band. In the subsequent grade or grades within a band, students must "stretch" to read a certain proportion of texts from the next higher text complexity band. This pattern repeats itself throughout the grades so that students can both build on earlier literacy gains and challenge themselves with texts at a higher complexity level. Lexile measures and the Lexile ranges above help to determine what text is appropriate for each grade band and what should be considered "stretch" text. As students advance through the grades, they must both develop their comprehension skills and apply them to increasingly complex texts. The proportion of texts that students read each year should come from a particular text complexity grade band. Students must also show a steadily increasing ability to discern more from and make fuller use of text. To check the lexile score of any book, please visit www.lexile.com and use the "Quick Book Search" in the top right-hand corner of the page.