• Mrs. Uhlman-Grade 3

    Students are provided 5-10 minutes each day to organize home assignments and write in their agendas. Agendas are checked daily by me, then later on in the year, it becomes a student job in the classroom.
    Homework Expectations ·Put your name & date on your homework ·All homework should be done in pencil ·All homework should be done neatly ·Work independently ·Follow ALL directions ·Be sure you completed the ENTIRE assignment ·Do your BEST WORK.  
    *Please contact me if homework is becoming too stressful or how we can work together to help your child find success with homework completion.

    How can I help my child with homework?

    Parents should provide their children with the time, space, materials and encouragement to do their homework.  From the very beginning of homework parents should encourage students to take responsibility for homework completion and returning it to school.


    What should I say to my child that will help build confidence in completing homework assignments?

    Be curious about your child's homework.  However, being critical may be counter productive.  Your child's teacher will set the standards for the quality of the work that is required.  You should let your child know that homework is important work, that they can do the work assigned to them, and that you and their teacher will work together to help them be successful.


    What should I do if my child doesn't understand the homework?

    For the most part, homework should be practice for skills that your child has learned in school.  If your child is telling you that they don't understand what to do, please contact your child's teacher right away.  A quick note or email will help the teacher know how to handle this issue.


    Homework is turning into a nightly battle with my child.  How do I prevent this from happening?

    Let the school own this problem.  Contact your child's teacher right away and let the teacher and your child solve this problem together.  Remember, a parent's role is to provide support and encouragement.  Homework is a child's responsibility.


    Are there times when a parent's help is needed with homework?

    Yes,  there are some assignments where parents are encouraged to work with their child on an assignment.  These type of assignments will be clearly designated by your child's teacher.


    My child's homework has mistakes on it.  Should I make him fix these mistakes?

    It's important for your child's teacher to know how your child is doing, and thus the teacher needs to see when a child is making errors.  In this way the teacher can adjust their instruction to help your child learn.  If you feel compelled to have your child turn in errorless assignments, please note on the homework that the assignment was completed with adult assistance.


    My child is taking very much longer than the time guidlines for homework at her grade level.  Should I be concerned?

    The time guidelines are a general estimate.  Some children will take more or less time.  However, if your child is taking an inordinate amount of time to complete assignments, contact your child's teacher right away.  Accomodations may made for different learners.


    My child's homework is too easy.  How do I ensure that s/he is given more challenging assignments?

    Students are working very hard in school all day.  Highly complex work is not typical for homework assignments.  We differentiate  homework assignments regularly for students.  However, please remember that in the primary grades, often the goal is for the child to learn the process of taking down an assignment, bringing home the correct materials, completing the assignment, putting it in a place to remember it, bringing it back to school and putting it in the right place when getting to school.  Following these multiple steps independently is an important learning goal for all students.