Mrs. Dianne M. Uhlman, M.Ed.                                                                        
    Grace Farrar Cole Elementary School                                                                                

    Grade 3 Curriculum

    Reading: Reading strategies are reviewed and reinforced through Reader's Workshop and Guided Reading lessons. Students are expected to share their thinking and give evidence from the story during these discussions to make connections. There is increased attention to interpreting implicit information in reading selections and using those interpretations for higher-level thinking.

    Writing Process: This ongoing experience includes all facets of the writing process: Prewriting, Drafting, Sharing, Revising, Editing and Publishing. The students are taught through mini-lessons and conferencing that reinforce conventions introduced in earlier grades. There is increased attention to revising and editing through writing all genres and writing experiences.


    Handwriting: Correct manuscript is reviewed and students are introduced to cursive handwriting.

    Math: Students use multiple strategies when solving math problems and explain their mathematical thinking through addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers, multiplication, place value, measuring and data, fractions and decimals, geometry and introduction of division. Math is taught using a Workshop model.  Math begins with a motivator: either a entrance ticket, an interactive puzzle, brainteaser, or number-talk, a mini-lesson, then workshop center work, and ends with group reflection/exit tickets.

    Science: Students ask questions, make hypotheses and learn through units in Dangerous Weather, Animal life cycles, Forces of Motion and Biodiversity.  Mystery Science is a fabulous resource we use.  www.mysteryscience.org

    Social Studies: Students learn ways to study history through learning about the following topics:

    The Wampanoag Indians, Pilgrims and Puritans, Geography of Massachusetts, and the Revolutionary War.  

    We also study our town of Norwell.