• Norwell High School Social Health Programming  
    Norwell High School offers comprehensive guidance and support programming which includes numerous social and emotional programs, curriculum and services. The implementation of these lessons, assemblies, workshops, facilitated discussions and programs are collectively known as our "Social Health Curriculum". The curriculum is spiraling in nature - meaning each year it builds upon the skills and lessons taught in previous years. Themes such as bullying, social skills, health and wellness, and internet safety are addressed each year at developmentally appropriate access points.
    Counselors at the high school also oversee the Norwell Tiered Systems of Support (NTSS) Social-Emotional Teacher Screening to identify students who may benefit from additional support structures and learning opportunities. This screening is done for all students each November.  Counseling staff and administrators review the results of the teacher screening and reach out to parents of students who have been identified by teachers.  Students are invited to participate in six to eight week groups which focus on a variety of topics including anxiety, relationship building, assertiveness, and self-regulation.

    In addition to social, emotional, behavioral, and academic support offered by counselors individually, in small groups, and in classrooms, Norwell High School offers a variety of school wide programs which are aimed at addressing developmentally appropriate social and emotional learning issues for adolescents. The students participate in assemblies (Safety, Substance Abuse Education, Relationship Violence and Healthy Relationships etc.), as well as programs to address Depression and how to support and help their peers. In addition, High School students participate in the daily Advisory Program which is led by a faculty member and a Peer Educator and where these topics may be addressed as well. Many topics related to Social and Emotional Health are also addressed during Health Classes through the Comprehensive Health Curriculum.
    Social Health Topics
    • Calm Classroom
    • Stress Management
    • Internet Safety
    • Bullying
    • Managing Social Media
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Depression and Anxiety
    • Alcohol and Drug Abuse 
    • Diversity: Ethnic, Religious, Race and Sexual Orientation

    Specific Programming

    • 9th Grade Bullying Refresher Class
    • 10th Grade Naviance Introduction
    • 11th Grade PSAT, SAT, and SAT Subject Test Planning
    • College Fairs
    • College Search
    • 12th Grade College Application Process
    • Financial Aid
    • Scholarships

    Short-Term Work with Individuals or Small Groups

    • Social Emotional Counseling and Support
    • Skill Building Groups
    • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
    • Harassment and Bullying Complaints
    • Mental Health Referrals
    • Functional Behavior Assessment
    • Behavioral Intervention Plan Development

    Parent Programs

    • 8th Grade Scheduling Night
    • 11th Grade College Planning Night
    • 12th Grade College Application Process Night
    • Financial Aid Night
    • Special Topic Programming