• Is Your Child Too Sick For School?

    Deciding when a child is too sick to send to school can be a difficult decision for parents to make. When trying to decide, use the guidelines below to help you. They are in compliance with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and our school physician, Dr. Donna Zambuto.
    Keep sick kids home from school.  Sending a sick child to school puts other children and staff at risk for becoming ill.  If sick children are kept at home we will have a stronger, healthier, and happier learning environment

    •  Mild cold symptoms, stuffy nose, mild cough without fever unless they feel ill.

    •  Ear infections without fever (unless child is uncomfortable)

    •  Vague complaints of aches, pains or fatigue


    •  Conjunctivitis - eyes may appear pink with white or yellow discharge and eyelids
       may be matted after sleep. Pain or itchiness may be present. Children may
       return to school after 24 hours of treatment.

    •  Cough - productive of thick sputum or coupled with thick nasal drainage

    •  Coxsackie virus (hand, foot and mouth syndrome) – a student must be fever free
       for 24 hr. and feel well to return to school.

    •  Diarrhea - three or more watery stools in a 24 hour period, especially if your
        child acts or looks ill or other symptoms are present.

    •  Fever – temperature of 100 degrees or higher. A child should be fever free for 24
        hours, without fever controlling medicines, before returning to school.

    •  Fifth Disease – only if fever is present. By the time the rash appears students are
       no longer contagious.

    •  Impetigo – students may return to school 24 hours after treatment starts.

    •  Lice – may return to school after treatment and nits (eggs) are removed.  Your
       student must be seen by the school nurse before returning to school.

    •  Scabies – 24 hours of appropriate treatment before returning to school.

    •  Shingles – a student with shingles will need to stay home until the rash is crusted
       and dry or can be completely covered in school.
    •  Sore Throat – with fever and swollen glands.

    •  Strep Throat – a full 24 hours of antibiotic treatment before a child may return to school

    •  Vomiting – child should be kept home 24 hours after last vomiting

    Please notify Nurse at Cole School if your child has an illness that is contagious and remember to call the office anytime your child is going to be absent from school.