• Homework Expectations


    The District-Wide Homework Policy for the fifth grade has changed.  Some days are subject to be more or less depending on the pace/rate in which each child completes tasks and assignments and whether or not there is a need to decrease or increase the amount depending on the given situation.  Homework is given to have students review skills and concepts taught throughout the day and instill a sense of responsibility and independence in the students. All homework is/ should be written in the agenda.  Students should place a highlighted check mark in the box next to the assignment when the assignment has been completed. 


    • Homework is to be completed with the best of effort
    • A first and last name as well as the student's number needs to be on the homework
    • Writing must be legible: If this is an issue, typing is an option as is dictating to a parent
    • Students are responsible for managing their homework( making good choices about it)
    • A zero will be given if an assignment is not done
    • Partial credit will be given if an assignment is late but complete
    • It needs to be turned in on time for full credit
    • It must be recorded in the daily agenda
    • Students are responsible for taking what they need to and from school to complete their homework
    • Students are required to read at least 20 minutes beyond doing their regular assigned homework
    • Finding a quiet place to do homework daily to support study skills development
    • All homework should be completed in pencil
    • Please keep your homework clean and unwrinkled
    • Please let me know about any issues that may arise regarding homework


Last Modified on September 25, 2019