• Upcoming Assignments: Nightly homework will not be posted here, just long-term assignments!  Nightly homework can be found on your students' Google account under the drive.  It will be posted there for you to view and use.  It is helpful if your child is out of school.  It allows them to see what they have missed and keep up with assignments.   They will do something similar next year, it is important for parents and students to log on and view the Google Drive and my website together, to help support the "Home/ School Connection."

    Very Important:  If your child is bringing home an agenda that isn't detailed please check Google drive and this site!  If you notice your student coming home with more/ or less than what is listed on the Google drive Homework page have a conversation with your student to find out why.  If you have any questions feel free to let me know and contact me with any homework questions and concerns. Homework is posted daily in the classroom on the SmartBoard for student to copy into their agendas.  It is the responsibility of each student to write down their homework, what they read independently at home and have their agendas signed a parent or guardian each night.  This is part of the homework grade on the report card.   Fifth graders not showing this evidence of keeping track of their responsibilities they will graded accordingly.   At this point in the year the responsibility is shifted to each student, and each should be independently writing homework down and turning it in.  
    All homework needs to be retuned with names, dates and numbers written on them.  
    Language Arts: All writing assignments are completed in school and only go home if they are not finished.  Typing may have to be done at home at times.  There are typing programs that students can use to improve typing skills.  
    All online links are on a shared document.  Your fifth grade students has it on their Google Drive it is called Computer Activities For Lab Students Grade 5.
    If you notice your child is missing something please let me know as soon as possible.  I try to post assignments to the Google Drive homework page in as far advance as possible.  I am hoping that parents and students are checking the Homework document, agenda and black folder daily.  Don't forget to check out the Computer Lab Links for kids page for websites that will support your child at home.    
    Reading: 20 plus minutes a night 4 plus times a week. 
    Students should be completing post-its based on what they read using the reading strtegies taught in class.  A minimum of two a night!
    Math Fluency: Please make sure you are completing the correct fluency sheet each week.  Signed sheets are due signed every Friday!  If there is no school on a Friday, it is due Thursday or if you know you are going to be out please hand it in early.
    Study Facts:  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division:  The concepts being taught from now until the end of the year require an efficient understanding of the concepts.  If students struggle on a concept remind them to refer to their Pearson account and try the problem a few times.  
    Reflex Please get the green light 4 times a week, time is given in school.  If your child misses the green light for the day Monday-Friday please have them complete it at home for homework.  Fact recall is extremely important and facts need to be secure in order to understand the complex math concepts taught in 5th grade. Flashcards, computer games, apps and flashcards are also great resources.  I receive a weekly calendar which shows me how students when they use the program and how they are progressing.  Parents you also have the ability to check your child't progress and usage.  Let me know if you have any questions.
    Science andSocial Studies: see Room 17 News for informations.
    Below is the Norwell Public School Policy on vacations: Handbook page 15
    We do not expect that students will be absent for vacations when school is in session. The principal must be contacted in advance of any extended absences. Generally, school work will not be provided in advance of student absences. Missed schoolwork will be made up upon a student's return to school. Please note that the dynamic nature of teaching and learning that takes place in a classroom cannot be replicated through written assignments.


Last Modified on September 4, 2019