• Story Craft Ideas


    The idea of story crafts is for a parent to bring in a book and coordinating craft, activity, discussion...with the class.  You should be familiar with the book (having read it ahead of time) and bring your activity to go along with the book.  You will be leading the class.  Your child will be your assistant.  You and your child may pick any book you would like.  You can Google the title of the book to find ideas and activities.  Please try out the activity or craft with your child at home.  This will be a trial run to see how it goes.  ** The more simple, the better it is. ** If you do plan a craft - it is best to prep all the items each child will use in a small baggie - it saves a lot of time.   Plan to have 45 minutes with the class.  After that we continue with our day.
    This chart is only a sample of possible ideas based upon seasons.....YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STICK TO THESE!!
    Thank you for offering to do a story craft - the children love having their parent come in to their classroom!


    Johnny Appleseed, Farm animals (pigs, oxen), back to school, changing leaves, Helen Keller


    Foxes, birds, nests, eggs, (safari, ocean, woodland, desert or forest habitats), Halloween, Christopher Columbus, fire safety


    Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Native Americans, turkeys,  Community helpers (firefighters, police, librarians doctors…), any animal activities, Veterans Day


    Holidays, family traditions, food chains, forest animals, honey bees, ants, Dinosaurs- Triceratops, T-Rex, snowflakes


    Martin Luther King Jr., changing, learning, growing, moving to a new home, weather, water cycle, life cycles- eggs hatching, animals growing, Chinese New Year


    Presidents Day, Valentines Day, Groundhogs Day, Life cycles (butterflies, frogs) gardens, hibernating (bears), migrating (birds)


    St. Patrick’s Day, Dr. Seuss ‘Read Across America’, Artists, fossils- (Barnum Brown- paleontologist), the Earth, land, water, air


    The Sun, the Moon, Chinese folk tales, lanterns, traditions, family, old treasures, energy, April showers, grandparents


    May Day (May 1st), Mother’s Day, chicks, gardens, moles, birds, pets, squirrels, acorns, detectives, mysteries, movement and sound, simple machines,


    Father’s Day, simple machines, inventions, inventors, Alexander Graham Bell, Ben Franklin, The Wright Brothers, pollinators, butterflies, flowers