• vision
    Vision and Hearing screenings will be done throughout the school year for all children according to the recommendations of the MDPH. Parents will be notified only if follow up is recommended.
    BMI information based on height and weight will also be available to parents of students in grades 1 and 4 later in the school year.
    Health Screenings fall under 105CMR 2000.00 Physical Examination of School Children.  The purpose of these screenings is to identify and take appropriate actions with respect to disabilities and medical conditions of school children as soon as possible.  The goal is to enable all children to obtain the fullest benefit of their educational opportunities.  School screenings are intended to supplement, not supplant, oversight of care by the student's primary care provider.
    Postural Screening starts in 5th grade and will be done in the Fall. 

    In compliance with M.G.L. c.71, s.57 the Vinal School conducts an annual postural screening.  The purpose of this screening isto detect early signs of possible spinal problems and to provide regularmonitoring of children during their varied growth spurts.  This screeningprocedure is not a diagnostic service but a program to identify young studentswho may need further medical evaluation.  
    This screening will take place in the spring in the health room.  On the day of screening, girls areasked to bring or wear a bathing suit under their clothes.  If your childhas any questionable findings, you will be notified and asked to take your childto their physician for follow-up.  When your child is under medical carefor any postural deviations a medical note from their physician is required inorder to update their school health record.  Parents will be notified inadvance of the date of their child's screening.

    Vision Screenings will be done in grades K -5 and Audio Screenings will done K - 3rd.
    Body Mass Index Screening for grades one and four are mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  
    If you do not want your child's BMI done at school please notify me in writing.