• Dismissal from School
    If you need to have your child dismissed early from school, please notify the office in writing with the date, time, and reason for dismissal, as well as a telephone number for verification. When picking your child up, please report to the school office where children will be dismissed only after parents or guardians have introduced themselves to the secretary or administrator. In cases of emergency, please call the school office so appropriate arrangements can be made to have your child ready for dismissal. No student will be released from school on the basis of a phone call. Children will not be dismissed to another adult, including a non-custodial parent, without the written permission of the custodial parent or guardian. Court documents such as restraining orders and custody agreements must also be on file in the school office and, if there is concern that a non-custodial parent may attempt to dismiss a child without approval of the custodial parent, a confidential code word should be provided to the principal and used only in instances of dismissal to someone other than the custodial parent or guardian.