• Kindergarten Screening

    In September of each year the Norwell Public Schools places notice in all School Newsletters and local newspapers to advertise the screening of all children enrolled in Kindergarten in the town of Norwell. Parents who have chosen not to send their children to Kindergarten may also have their children screened at this time. The Kindergarten Screening Team includes a school psychologist, a developmental educator, and a speech/language pathologist.
    The Kindergarten Screening Team uses three primary measures to conduct their screening: The Early Screening Instrument-K, a developmental checklist completed by the classroom teacher, and a parent interview. If behavioral or socio-emotional development has been identified as a concern, the classroom teacher or the developmental educator may complete the Norwell Public Schools Behavioral and Social/Emotional Development Rubric.

    Following identification of students the Psychologist notifies the Kindergarten Screening Team, the school principal, and the classroom teacher of the screening date. Notification ordinarily occurs in the first weeks of October. Within two weeks of the screening, the Kindergarten Screening Team will meet with Kindergarten Teachers to go over the screening results. The classroom teacher brings work samples, anecdotal records, drawings, and any other pertinent information to this meeting. The school nurse also attends, bringing all pertinent medical information as well as the results of the hearing and vision screening.
    At this meeting of the Kindergarten Screening Team, students who may require a further evaluation are identified and referred, as appropriate. Often children are determined to be within appropriate developmental limits, while others may show slight delays in any number of areas on the screening instruments. These children will be re-screened mid-year to see if there are any concerns at that time. Parents are notified of the results of the screening the Monday following the meeting of the Kindergarten Screening Team, Nurse, and classroom teacher.


    Norwell Public Schools will be conducting KINDERGARTEN SCREENING in September.  The purpose of the Kindergarten screening is to identify students who may have a special education need and/or may be in need of further evaluation.  The screening is free and optional.  Any parent of a Norwell child of Kindergarten age, who is not in public Kindergarten, may call their child’s district school to schedule an appointment for a screening.  Those children in the Norwell Public Schools Kindergarten will be screened during their regular school day.


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