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    Hello parents and students! When grading student work in the arts we break projects down into the following grade categories to help student understanding and set expectations throughout the learning experience.

    1. Communication and Expression (CE): The artist articulates a specific message or intent.

    1. Design, Layout, Composition (DLC): The artist makes strong composition and layout choices, uses formal design vocabulary, and articulates understanding of design concepts and devices.

    1. Methods, Tools, and Techniques (MTT): The artist utilizes methods tools and techniques properly, consistently and effectively when creating artwork and considers their overall craftsmanship and presentation in a variety of media.

    1. Responding and Presenting (RP): The artist expresses intentions and process and gives appropriate and constructive feedback to his or her peers.  Artists use knowledge of both present and past accomplished artists to inspire their own work, make adjustments, give feedback to peers, and foster a general appreciation of visual art.

    Other grade columns included in factoring your grade...

    1. Homework (HW): Students are required to maintain a sketchbook for documentation and research purposes. These records are checked as both a midterm and as the FINAL EXAM.

    1. Professionalism, Studio Habits, & Collaboration (PRO):  The artist stays on task without reminder, demonstrating focus and setting goals.  The artist consistently cares for all materials and equipment, and follows all safety regulations.  When appropriate artists work together to create art. (SEE BELOW)



    ~ Visual Arts ~

    ~Studio Professionalism Expectations~

    Every art student earns a professionalism grade for each term that will be calculated into their average grade for the marking period. The grade is based on a seven point scale and is updated and monitored on a regular and consistent basis. The artist begins the term with a 7 and the grade will be bumped down with each offence as they occur. Dates and feedback will be provided on aspen.

    *If a student approaches a 4 then there will be communication with home about areas for improvement and project grades will be withheld until a late night studio maintenance session has been served.

    • The artist thoroughly and carefully completes all assigned work.

    • The artist adheres to all deadlines without reminder.

    • The artist always stays on task during class time without reminder.

    • The artist always comes to class on time and prepared with all necessary materials.

    • The artist consistently cares for materials and equipment.

    • The artist always cleans up properly without reminder.

    • The artist follows all safety regulations.

    • The artist uses appropriate language with peers and teachers.