• Ms. Sladky
     Welcome to Ms. Sladky's Latin Classes!
    Name: Alexandra Sladky
    Subject: Latin
    Grade: 9-12
    Email Address: alexandra.sladky@norwellschools.org


    Latin 1 provides an introduction to basic vocabulary, grammar and reading. Students will explore derivatives and roots to help them understand ways that Latin relates to their every day lives. In Latin 3, students will begin to read “real” Latin, while continuing to study grammar and syntax from the first two years. In Latin 4, students will continue to read Latin poetry. In Latin 6, students can opt to take the class for college credit through Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA). Students in Latin 6 continue to hone their translation and writing skills. All classes will take steps to establish and strengthen literary analysis skills through class discussion and written assignments.  
    Classes Taught:
    Latin 1
    Latin 3
    Latin 4
    Latin 6
    Course Expectations: 
    • Students will bring all necessary and/or required materials EVERY DAY.
      • Failure to do so will result in a homework grade of ZERO for the day.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to obtain assignments, handouts and notes for any day that he or she has been absent.
    • Students will arrive in class before the bell.
    • There will be no food or drinks in the classroom. Water is the only exception.
    • Cell phones may not be used during class.
    • iPads may only be used in class when instructed by the teacher.
    • RESPECT will be shown to all members of the classroom community at all times.
    • You will attain success through diligent work and study.
    Rem tene, verba sequentur.
                   -Cato the Elder