iPad 9.7
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    Mrs. Carton

    Math Support & Instructional Technology Teacher
    Norwell Middle School
    email:  jacqueline.carton@norwellschools.org
    Phone:  781-659-8814 X1215
    Late Night:  Thursday 
    Specific assignments, homework and grades are posted on Schoology.
    Math support classes will take place first term.  Student will have completed an assessment to identify what skills they will need to practice.  IXL is one of the tools that will be used so that the skills practiced are customized to student needs.  This class does not have any homework.
    iPad class is a combined course (with Library class) offered in sixth grade for two terms. Each class, Introduction to iPad and Library, meets for ½ of each scheduled term. Introduction to iPad will familiarize 6th grade students with an understanding of how to use the iPad effectively in the middle school environment.
    The first term of this class will focus on the following topics: Apple ID information, email/contacts setup and etiquette, iCloud information, sharing documents with teachers, NMS iPad policy, digital etiquette, iOS updates, textbook apps and features, how to handle problems with the iPad, use of Reflector, proper settings on iPad for school use, and how to blog.
    Schoology will be used for each of my classes.  Please ask your student to show you their classes on their iPad using the Schoology app.  Here you can see all assignments assigned, completed and graded.  
    If you have questions about the iPad, insurance or school policy click on the link below.
    Types of iPads by grade: