Welcome to My Class Website
    Name: Lisa Sailer
    Subject: School Guidance Counselor
    Grades: 6-8 
    Phone: 781-659-8814 x1213
    Welcome to my website.  My name is Mrs. Sailer and I am one of the middle school counselors.  I am looking forward to working with all of you.  Please come by my office and introduce yourself.  Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to get to know each other in a guidance class this year. 
    Students are welcome to come see me before school, after school, during lunch and at any time if there is an emergency or problem that needs to be worked out.
    Students are NOT in trouble if I call them to my office.
    I will call students to my office for many reasons.  Some are: discussion of grades, motivational "pep talks," issues with bullying, friendship conflicts, referral from a teacher, nurse or parent, and, of course, to get to know all students.
    I see students individually and in groups.  My office is a fun, friendly and welcoming place and I encourage all students to stop in and meet me, check in with me or just come to say, "Hi!"
    Please see the NMS Guidance Webpage for more information.