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    Mrs. Running
    Band & Chorus
    Grades 6, 7 & 8
    (781) 659-8814 ext. 4206


    The goal of the NMS Music Department is to create an environment that enhances creativity, builds comprehensive musical skills and knowledge, encourages social development, and ensures student success.  While working in a group environment, students will be encouraged to explore creative expression, develop individual interpretation, and create music of many styles, cultures, and genres.  We will provide the opportunity for students to develop discerning musical tastes and instill a lifelong desire to appreciate music in its many forms.  Our overarching educational goal is to create lifelong learners.

                Many non-musical goals are of equal importance to the NMS Music program.  We provide a unique environment to build personal and group pride, responsibility, feelings of self-worth, social skills, camaraderie, leadership, and community service.  Our overarching social goal is to create strong, thoughtful citizens.

                Parents have the opportunity to support their children’s musical development by attending concerts, encouraging individual practice, volunteering to assist with music events, and/or becoming active members of the Norwell Middle School Music Association.