GRAMMER TEST shorter version 


    Welcome to the Orange Team!  I look forward to a great year.  Our team includes Mrs. Calorio and Mrs. Ferris, who teach as a pair, as well as Mrs. Ryan and myself who also teach as a pair.  Please become familiar with this site and the various links, as stuents and parents will access it frequently for updates as well as copies of assignments.  This website contains helpful information about each subject such as classroom policies, the homework agenda, important links, and sometimes scanned packets or worksheets.  Please visit frequently to stay up to date on classroom material.   


    Curriculum overview, classroom, and grading policies.  

    This year should be fun for all of us as there will be something for everyone’s interests in class this year. In ELA, we will be reading short stories, poetry, novels, memoirs and more. You will also be writing. For those of you that are not fond of this, I hope to make the type of writing you do at least a little bit interesting. We will also be improving our skills in vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. I know this is not always the favorite part of many students’ English classes, so I will try to make it fun. Throughout the year, there are many interesting projects and activities that sixth grade students will complete in ELA.


    In social studies, you will be learning about ancient civilizations. Our studies will take us from Ancient Mesopotamia to Ancient Greece. You will learn how people lived, worked and learned during those eras. You will also learn about how geography impacted the lives of these people. You will better your skills in map reading and in understanding graphs. Like ELA, throughout the year, there will be interesting projects and activities that will help you learn.


    Some of your work this year will be on your iPad and some will still be hard copy. Readings, homework and writing assignments completed on the iPad will often be submitted through SHOWBIE. I will help you learn all the great tools we have at our fingertips with the Ipad. As the year progresses, you will be amazed how invaluable your iPad is.


    OK- Let’s try and answer some of your questions about these classes.



    -Homework will usually be given every night and occasionally on weekends and should take approximately 15 minutes per assignment without distractions, but every child is different.  If an assignment is taking significantly longer, please ask your child to stop the assignment and attach a note so I am aware of his or her difficulty.
    -Homework will be given either a point, half a point, or a zero.  If homework is completed and it reflects effort, the assignment will receive a point.  If the assignment is lacking the studetns best  effort and is without a parent note explaining a challenge, the HW will recieve a half a point.  Homework  is reviewed in class as part of students practice related to the lesson and therefore late assignments are not accepted for credit. 
    -If a student is absent, he or she has 2 additional days for each day missed to make up all assignments for full credit.  If the work is not turned in after the 2 day extension, the assignment will receive a 0. See the grade breakdown for how homework factors into final averages.
    Missed Assignments
    -If a student is absent, the homework that was due the day of his or her absense will be due upon his or her return.  The assignment that was assigned during his or her absense is due the following day unless an extension of 2 days is necessary due to a newly learned skill.  
    -If a student is absent and misses a quiz or a test, he or she needs to see me the day he or she returns to schedule the make up date.


    There are quizzes and tests given in social studies and ELA.  Quizzes are given freqently and usually with a day or 2 notice.  Upon begining a lesson in social studies, students should expect a quiz on that new material within 3-5 days.  Quizzes are check ins on smaller chunks of information and will help students self assess and reflect prior to a major test.  Tests below a 75% will require a signature.  


    Grade Breakdowns





    GRAMMAR- 20%







    Tests/Projects- 40%- Based upon an entire chapter or unit, 1-2 given per term, based off the 3-5 lesson quizzes given prior

    Quizzes- 30%- Based off a couple days worth of material, 1-2 given a week, these are the smaller chunks of info that lead up to the test

    Classwork/Mapwork- 20%- Students will create ancient and modern physical and resource maps based on the civilization we are studying.  They will also complete in class webquests.

    Homework/Class Preparation- 10%- This is based on completion of daily homework as well as bringing materials to class and participating in the lesson.