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    Madame Kelly
    Introduction to French
    French I & II 
    Grades 6, 7 & 8
    (781) 659-8814 ext. 4238

    Quand on a le droit de se tromper impunément, on est toujours sûr de réussir.

    If you are allowed to make mistakes, you are sure to succeed.

    Late Night: Wednesday     
                                                                                   Flag of France
    Introduction to French: 6th grade French 
    (This course meets every other day for a quarter. See individual student schedule for quarter and day 1 or 2.) 
    Français I:  Bleu 1 & 2  
    (Bleu 1 meets day 1 period B and day 2 period E &  Bleu 2 meets day 1 period G and day 2 period C)
    Français II: Rouge 1 & Rouge 2:  8th grade French 
    (Rouge 1 meets day 1  period A and day 2 period D & Rouge 2 meets day 1 period F and day 2 period B) 
    We use the online textbook: D'Accord I . Click the book below to be linked to the site.

    French textbook

     Open House PDF with general class information: click HERE